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August News

Events –

Girl Days: Tuesday & Wednesday
Boy Days: Thursday & Friday
All students will return to school on Monday, August 7
Reminders – 
Please clean your water bottle each night, then refill and return it to school on the following day
Clean out Planner & Take-Home folder and return
Bring one snack each day. 
I am not able to tie shoelaces.  If your child doesn’t know how, please tie the laces in a tight double knot or have him/her wear Velcro shoes.
PE Days – Tuesday & Friday (wear tennis shoes)
Learning Focus – 

Phonics: count & compare environmental sounds, segment spoken sentences into words, demonstrate directionality/spatial

Awareness, blend syllables to form words, identify beginning sounds in words, names, and pictures, identify beginning and end of a row

Math: see position & shape, name 2d shapes, name 3d shapes, compare shapes

Writing: Properly hold writing utensil, Write on vertical surface(Vertical, Horizontal, Circles, cups, humps, zigzags, waves, spirals, hoops), Recognizing/writing first name, tracing, Fine motor practice, how to color

Literacy: asks and answer questions, retelling, context clues, author and illustrator