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Music Education Rationale

  • Music Education Rationale

Many people wonder, "Why teach music as part of the school curriculum? Isn't it an extra-curricular activity?"

Below is an explanation as to why I believe music is an important part of the school day.


1.     Music is an academic subject with its own special body of knowledge, skills, and unique ways of knowing and thinking.

2.     Musical intelligence is one of seven different human intelligences that need to be developed and nurtured.

3.     Music offers unique opportunities for creativity and self-expression.

4.     Music connects us to our history, traditions, and heritage.

5.     Music study enables students to experience all that is human as it inspires them, turns on their senses and emotions, opens their minds, and reaches into their inner selves.

6.     Music study enables students to develop skills such as abstract thinking, problem solving, self-discipline, and team work.

7.     Music can be integrated into other subjects in the curriculum, and content from other subjects may be integrated into the study of music.

8.     Music study challenges students to develop higher-order thinking skills, including analysis, synthesis, and critical and creative thinking.

9.     Music study enhances self-esteem, builds self-confidence, and encourages respect for others.

10. Music enhances the quality of life.

- from "Why Music: The Critical Curriculum for America's Children," by Carolynn Lindeman