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Music Room Rules

Music Room Rules


1.Listen when the teacher talks.

Benefit: When you are listening, you can hear the instruction. You will not miss important information.

2.Raise your hand to talk.

Benefit: Raising your hand  allows the teacher to finish what she is saying before you interrupt. Raising your hand also allows many people to have a chance at answering a question given by the teacher.

3.Come and go slowly and quietly.

Benefit: Walking will keep you from possibly tripping and falling. It can also keep you from running into the person next to you. Keeping quiet helps you to hear directions from the teacher as you move.

4.Instruments aren't toys, use them carefully.

Benefit: If everyone takes care of the instruments, we won’t break them. If they get broken, we will have no instruments to play.

5.Hands off teacher space.

Benefit: Teacher space is special because she keeps things that are breakable and expensive in this space. She also keeps personal things in her space. The teacher wants you to be extra careful with these things, so she asks you not to touch them without permission.

6.Hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

Benefit: Keeping everything to yourself will keep you out of trouble for hitting or kicking another. It also keeps others from wanting to hit or kick you (and that hurts!)