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Music Class Curriculum

Activities and Curriculum


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What exactly do you do in this class anyway? 


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When you think of school music, what comes to mind? Band? Choir? That's part of it! But school music today is so much more than that. Here at Rhea School, we lay down the foundations for a lifetime of music learning and loving. J


The general music classes at Rhea consist of learning and practicing the basic elements of music and sound. The children begin by learning how to keep a steady beat on their very first day to music class in Kindergarten, then they go on to learn other more complicated concepts such as basic music theory by the time they leave in second grade. On any given day, you will find students at Rhea singing fun children's songs, dancing to folk songs from other countries, playing song games, playing classroom instruments, composing simple music, and even just sitting quietly and listening to a classical piece. 


The second grade classes perform an annual Christmas show in November or December. The kindergarten performs an annual spring program in April or May. We rehearse for many weeks before these programs to get the music just right for the parents.
All children are involved in some way.   

W. G. Rhea Elementary General Music Curriculum


This curriculum was designed to provide administrators, teachers, parents, and students with a detailed statement of the music curricula for grades K, 1, and 2 in the Paris Special School District. It was designed to meet both state and national standards for a music education at the early elementary level.


The curriculum assumes that a full time music specialist will be employed. It is to be used as a guide for the current teacher and/or future teacher(s) at Rhea School. For each grade level, there is a list of the basic music criteria. Under each criterion heading, there is a list of several objectives to be taught during the specified grade level.